Education Resources

Museum Tours: For schools (K-12), scouts, daycare centers, and adult organizations. Trained docents in 18th Century attire will guide your group through the house, garden and kitchen cabin. Our experienced staff can adapt to your curriculum goals and any grade level. For younger students, we focus on 18th Century living, with hands-on experience with toys, games, lessons, and chores. For older students and adults, the focus is on David Bradford and the Whiskey Rebellion. Allow 1-1.5 hours for a guided tour. Can accommodate groups up to 100. For larger groups, we suggest a combined tour with the nearby LeMoyne House; a walking tour of historic downtown Washington can be included. Cost: $5 per student for Bradford House only; $10 per student for both museums; $12 per student for both museums and a walking tour. One chaperone free with every 10 students. See below for a list of speciality tours.

Speciality Tours

TASTE OF THE 18TH CENTURY TOUR (adult) Guided house tour plus open hearth cooking demo and 18th century recipe samples with a small drink. $8.00 per person.

TASTE OF THE 18TH CENTURY TOUR (child) Add an 18th Century “cookey” to your guided tour for $1 per person.

MAKING SCENTS OF THE 18TH CENTURY Guided house tour plus make a potpourri sachet as you learn about the garden’s herbs. $8.00 per person. Allow 15 minutes additional time for this activity.

COMBINED GUIDED HOUSE TOURS Guided tours of the Bradford House & the nearby LeMoyne House in the same day at a price of $10.00 per person.  Add a walking tour of historic downtown Washington for $2 per person.

CHILDREN’S SCHOOL & SCOUTS TOUR Guided house tour plus age appropriate activities and demonstrations plus a souvenir. $5.00 per student, one adult per ten students free.

Outreach Programs: Our historian is available to speak on a variety of 18th Century topics, for schools and organizations, throughout the year. There is no charge for a program but donations are gratefully accepted. See below for a list of topics.

Outreach Program Topics

The Whiskey Rebellion
David Bradford and the Whiskey Rebellion
Distilling in the 18th Century
Early Settlers of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Native Americans of Southwestern Pennsylvania
18th Century Trades

NEW: Lending Library: Teachers may borrow a classroom set of the young adult novel 1794: Janie Miller’s Whiskey Rebellion Saga by Anna T. Connor and Laura C. Zajdel. This story of the events of 1794 is told through the eyes of ten-year-old Janie Miller, whose family played a major role in the Whiskey Rebellion. The illustrated book also gives a good description of life on the Western Pennsylvania frontier. There is no fee for borrowing the books; however, a replacement charge will be assessed for damaged or lost books. The teacher is responsible for pickup and return of the books.

NEW: Research Resources: A collection of primary and secondary resources on the Whiskey Rebellion and David Bradford is available for use either at the Museum or to borrow. Ideal for students developing projects for National History Day. Call to arrange a free research visit or to borrow materials. See below for a list of resources. A “traveling trunk” can be prepared for classroom use.

Research Resources

Whiskey Rebellion References

Albert Gallatin
Author: John Austin Stephens

A Collection of Twenty-Four Letters
Author: David Bradford

History of the Insurrection in the Four Western Counties of Pennsylvania, in the Year 1794
Author: William Findley

History of the Western Insurrection in Western Pennsylvania, Commonly Called the Whiskey Insurrection, 1794
Author: H. M. (Henry Marie) Brackenridge

A Hugh Henry Brackenridge Reader, 1770-1815
Editor: Daniel Marder

Incidents of the Insurrection
Author: Hugh Henry Brackenridge
Editor: Daniel Marder

Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry That Forged a Nation
Author: John Ferling

Life and Times of William Findley
Author Robert M. Ewing

The Nation’s Advocate
Author: William F. Keller

Rebellion and Revelation The History of Old St. Luke’s
Author: The Rev. Canon Richard W. Davies

The Whiskey Insurrection
Author: Reed Day

The Whiskey Rebellion: Frontier Epilogue to the American Revolution
Author: Thomas P. Slaughter

Whiskey Rebellion: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and the Frontier Rebels Who Challenged
America’s Newfound Sovereignty
Author: William Hogeland

The Whiskey Rebellion: The History of Early America’s Most Famous Popular Uprising
Author: Charles River Editors

The Whiskey Rebellion: Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Frontier People Test the American Constitution
Author: Jerry A. Clouse

Whiskey Rebels: The Story of a Frontier Uprising
Author: Leland D. Baldwin

The Writings of Albert Gallatin, Volume 1
Author: Albert Gallatin
Editor: Henry Adams

The Writings of Albert Gallatin, Volume 2
Author: Albert Gallatin

The Writings of Albert Gallatin, Volume 3
Author: Albert Gallatin
Editor: Henry Adams

Young Adult Books

1794: Janie Miller’s Whiskey Rebellion Saga
Author: Anna T. Connor and Laura Connor Zajdel

The Cabin Faced West
Author: Jean Fritz

The Whiskey Rebellion, 1794 Revolt in Pennsylvania Threatens American Unity
Author: David C. Knight

The Whiskey Rebellion: An Early Challenge to America’s New Government
Author: Katy Schiel

Wilderness Boy
Author: Margery Evernden

Local History

20th Century History of the City of Washington and Washington County Pennsylvania and Representative Citizens
Author: Joseph F. McFarland

Circuit Court Docket for Washington County January 1789 – September 1800 History of Washington County From Its First Settlement to the Present Time, First Under Virginia as Yohogania, Ohio, or Augusta County until 1781, and Subsequently Under Pennsylvania
Author: Alfred Creigh, LL.D.

History of Washington County Pennsylvania
Author: Earle R. Forrest

History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men
Author: Boyd Crumrine

Author: Lew Hays

Other Titles

Bake Slow and Sure: Heirloom Recipes of the National Road Era
Author: Franklin LaCava

Cloth and Costume 1750 to 1800, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Authors: Tandy and Charles Hersh

Colonial Kitchens, Their Furnishings, and Their Gardens
Author: Frances Phipps

Colonial Williamsburg Decorates for Christmas
Authors: Libby Hodges Oliver and Betty Hundley Babb

Costume in Context: The Eighteenth Century
Author: Jennifer Ruby

Distaff Sketch Book (A Collection of Notes and Sketches on Women’s Dress in America 1774-1783)
Author: Robert L. Klinger

Documentary History of Washington Academy 1787-1806
Compiled by: Charles M. Ewing

Everyday Dress of Rural America, 1783-1800
Author: Merideth Wright

Fence Posts of a Yesteryear: Memories and Recipes
Author: Annette Wood Wolicki

The Glory of the Name! from Washington County 200th Birthday Committee Hardships and Heroics: Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1749-1799
Author: Robert C. Alberts

Hearth and Home: Women and the Art of Open-Hearth Cooking
Author: Fiona Lucas

History News October 1981 from the American Association for State and Local History James Power Smith
Author: Verner McClelland
Appended by: Charles M. Ewing

Made in Western Pennsylvania, Early Decorative Arts from the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania A Museum Guide to Copyright and Trademark by the American Association of Museums Old Furniture: Understanding the Craftsman’s Art
Author: Nancy A. Smith

Pennsylvania Heritage December 1976 from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Pennsylvania History: Quarterly Journal of the Pennsylvania Historical Association
January 1959
July 1963

Plantation Country Along the Mississippi River in Louisiana and Mississippi
Author: Bobby Potts

Project 1776 from Chester County (PA) Historical Society Repair & Preservation Maintenance for Historic and Older Homes from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
The Settlers’; Forts of Western Pennsylvania
Author: John A. DeMay

Sketch Book 76: The American Soldier 1775-1781
Author: Robert L. Klinger

Sketches of the Life and Adventures of Jacob Parkhurst
Author: Jacob Parkhurst
Editor: Charles M. Ewing

Tidings from the 18th Century
Author: Beth Gilgun

The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine
January 1982
April 1982
July 1982
October 1982
April 1983
January 1983

Whatever Shall I Wear? A Guide to Assembling a Woman’s Basic 18th Century Wardrobe
Author: Mara Riley

Williamsburg Reproductions, Craft House, Williamsburg, Virginia
from The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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