Washington County Chronicles


Washington County Chronicles : Historic Tales from Southwestern Pennsylvania
by Harriet Branton



Abolitionists, rebels and innovators have all tracked across the pages of Washington County history.  Their stories and more were chronicled by beloved local historian Harriet Branton, who introduced readers of the Washington Observer-Reporter to the history hidden in plain sight.  In the earliest tales, European settlers clashed with the Shawanese and Delaware Indians, and fiery local lawyer David Bradford led the Whiskey Rebellion.  With the coming of the Civil War, the people of southwestern Pennsylvania overwhelmingly united to the cause of the Union – the LeMoynes of Washington and the McKeevers of West Middletown shepherded slaves to freedom, and Washington & Jefferson College sent its alumni to the key battles of the war.  Join Branton as she journeys from the rough-and-tumble frontier days of Washington County to the twentieth century ushered in by coal, oil and iron rail.