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The Bradford House Historical Association (BHHA) is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of Pennsylvania.

It is registered with the Pennsylvania Charities Bureau. It is a member of many leading organizations, such as PANO (Pennsylvania Association of Non-profits), Heinz History Center Affiliates, Destination Greater Pittsburgh, Peters Township Chamber of Commerce, Washington County Chamber of Commerce, AASLH (American Association for State and Local History), American Alliance of Museums, and the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission.

We are governed by a hands-on Board of Directors comprised of local volunteers, each offering a specific skill set. The day-to-day operations of the BHHA are performed by our Executive Director with more than three decades of experience working in both the corporate and charitable sectors. Our part-time seasonal docents serve as our foundation and guest educators. There are four part-time docents: Dave, Jim, Kate, and Laney.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bradford House Historical Association is to educate as we preserve and promote the history of the Whiskey Rebellion and the 18th-century life and times of David Bradford.

The three main arms of the Bradford House Historical Association are the Bradford House Museum, the Whiskey Rebellion Education and Visitor Center and the Whiskey Rebellion Festival.

The Bradford House Logo
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Whiskey Rebellion Festival Logo

Tracie Liberatore Headshot

Executive Director, Tracie Liberatore

Tracie Liberatore, the Executive Director of the Bradford House Historical Association since 2011, has a strong business and non-profit background. She works closely with the board of directors, docents, and volunteers to raise awareness for the Whiskey Rebellion. Before the BHHA, Tracie was a project manager in the financial sector for 18 years. She holds a BSBA in Finance and Management and a Master's in Business Administration.

Board Member Photo
The board in attendance at the 2022 Whiskey Rebellion Dinner.

Current Board of Directors

  • Paula Anderson
  • Marie Brehm
  • Denise Cummins
  • Carole De Angelo
  • Angela De Thomas
  • Tara Gleason
  • Deb Mainwaring
  • Judy Mattozzi
  • Joe Murdoch
  • Gary Reckentwald
  • Mike Robinson
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg


  • Washington County Chamber
  • Peters Township Chamber