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Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking Demonstrations

Demonstrations are Free

Last Saturday of Every Month • 10 am to 4 pm

Kate does cooking demonstrations in the Bradford House's kitchen cabin on the last Saturday of each month.

Kate has authentic programs planned, Jorma will assist Kate, and other special guests will make appearances. On-site cooking demonstrations are a great way to portray 18th-century living.

2023 Demonstrations (2024 to be determined)

  • April 29 — Celebrating Thomas Jefferson. We'll talk about Jefferson's involvement in the Whiskey Rebellion, his correspondence with David Bradford, and the repeal of the Excise tax in 1802. We'll make some of Jefferson's favorite foods, plus ones he popularized in the states.
  • May 6 — Running of the wools. We'll prepare lamb in several ways.
  • May 28 --- 18th century barbecue. This can be used on beef or pork. We'll be using pork on Saturday because of cost and ease of preparation. The most important thing is that people understand that is is going to taste different than modern day barbecue.
  • June 24 — Foods of the Federal Army and militia TIMELINE!!! Bryan will talk about militia foods, Dan Ragaller will talk about rations of the federal army, AND if he's available, Doug Wilson will be coming to speak about rations from the Civil war, and Jorma will demonstrate frontier coffee and make army hardtack.
  • July 8 & 29 — Whiskey Rebellion Festival general cooking demo.
  • August 26 — Pickling and preserving.
  • September 30 — Drying and smoking; Jorma and I will construct a frontier smoker over the fire pit outside.
  • October 28 — Everything you can do with bread! Baking, making rarebits, and showing the versatility of bread.
  • November 25 — It's Small Business Saturday, so we'll make that our Harvest Festival! Preparing a feast from harvest foods.


The Kitchen Cabin at the Bradford House
175 S. Main Street
Washington, PA 15301