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Education Kits

Education Kits

Education through off-site programming.

Local elementary schools have the opportunity to request free education kits. To date, over 3,000 kits have been provided to local students and teachers. These kits are fully funded through education grants and donations.

We are currently awaiting funding for a revised education kit program. Stay tuned.


The Bradford House Historical Association provided each teacher with a feedback survey, and we received many positive responses. Here is a sampling of the replies we received when we contacted the teachers that received the 2020 education kits and asked them if they would like 2021 kits.

"We want 150 3rd-grade kits for six classes. We hoped to combine this with the George Washington novel we read in December. Thanks so much for this fantastic resource again this year!"

— Cari Williams, Pleasant Valley

"I'm so excited!! My students LOVED these kits last year. Are we able to sign up for the kits again for this year? My teaching partner across the hallway also is interested. Thank you so much!!"

— Mrs. Yukon, 5th grade Joe Walker Elementary

For more information or to request education kits:

Please send us an email or call 724-222-3604.

Consider donating; each kit costs about $10.

These kits are fully funded through education grants and donations. Thank you for your consideration.