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Meeting House

Meeting House

What is a Meeting House?

Many early American communities built a multipurpose Meeting House where residents could meet to hold religious services, discuss local issues, and conduct town business. The old Mingo Meeting House was the most famous in our area, where the Mingo Militia met during the Whiskey Rebellion in open defiance of the federal government.

The Meeting House will serve primarily as an educational space.

The main room is 15x30 feet and features an open floor plan that can be flexible for different seating arrangements. Boy Scout training, IRS training classes, Osher Lifelong Learning classes, group tour lessons, Hands on History Day Camp lessons, staff and volunteer training, Bradford House board meetings, and other community meetings like Destination Greater Pittsburgh, will be conducted in this Meeting House. The Meeting House will have a role in various downtown Washington events, such as the street crawls and of course, the annual Whiskey Rebellion Festival.

In addition, the Meeting House will provide storage for the over 2,500 pieces of reproduction 18th-century clothing currently stored in the Bradford House basement. This clothing is worn by our docents, volunteers, Whiskey Rebellion actors and community members as needed. There is no charge for wardrobe rentals. The two wardrobe rooms will also serve as dressing rooms. The Meeting House is 100% ADA compliant.

The Meeting House can be available to reserve this year. Sign up to receive updates on events and news.