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Education and Visitor Center Exhibits

Education and Visitor Center Exhibits

A Walk-Through Timeline.

This expansion allows us to more fully educate the community and visitors about the historical significance of the Whiskey Rebellion and David Bradford. This history is unique to western Pennsylvania and Washington County. The center also allows us to meet the needs of our physically-challenged visitors with fully accessible educational space and an accessible restroom.

The center will also expand our back-office capacity with work, meeting, and storage spaces allowing our Executive Director’s office to be on-site. With the addition of the educational center and in partnership with local historical groups, the BHHA will be able to share the important story of the Whiskey Rebellion and how it helped shape American history through hands-on educational activities and displays including a historical timeline, period exhibits, and 18th-century tavern bar, and distilling display.

Funded by generous donors and foundations such as the Allegheny Foundation, EQT Foundation and the Salvitti Family Foundation. The Whiskey Rebellion Education & Visitor Center was created through a handful of very talented board members (Denise Cummins, Hilary Miller, Michael Robinson and Kathy Teagarden), the Executive Director, Tracie Liberatore, and consultants, William Kline and Clay Kilgore, working together with Springboard Design, Blue Sky Sign Company and Carpenter Connection.

The center is located directly across Main Street from the Bradford House Museum.

The Exhibits

Exhibits include an 18th-century-inspired cage bar and a whiskey still display.

J Howard Iams Original Prints

A collection of limited-edition woodcut prints by local artist J. Howard Iams was generously donated by George and Mary Dobich and is now on display.

Authentic Transportation Vouchers

Five 1794 federal military vouchers and receipts, kindly loaned by Mark Tomazin, are the centerpiece of a new section about the federal army’s presence in Western Pennsylvania while suppressing the Whiskey Rebellion.

Corbly Bibles

And the BHHA is excited to announce that the Rev. John Corbly Descendants Association has chosen us to be caretakers of three books belonging to Rev. Corbly, including the Bible that he was carrying at the time of his family’s massacre in 1782. These books and updated information about Rev. Corbly will soon be added at the Visitor Center.

New in 2023

We will be adding some artifacts, including Whiskey Rebel Benjamin Parkinson's powder horn and whiskey jug and a 1735 coin found on John Holcroft's farm. Parkinson was from Parkinson's Ferry (now Monongahela) and was a prominent participant in the Whiskey Rebellion.